Consolidated - This Is Fascism


Consolidated - You Suck

Terminator: The Sarah Connot Chronicles Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today Season 2 : Ep. 8

John and Riley take a deadly trip to Mexico, while Sarah and Ellison come face-to-face.

Fringe: In Which We Meet Mr. Jones Season 1 : Ep. 7

When a mysterious parasite attacks a dying FBI agent’s body, Dunham rushes to Germany to meet an prisoner, with some disconcerting details.

WWE Raw 10/27/08

Chock Full Of Shopping Carts

This semi is loaded full of shopping carts, until he starts pulling away with the hatch un-battoned!

Biggest Loser Club says hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

When's the best time to drink water when working out? Find out in this quick video tip from The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper. Debuts It’s a New Day

Heroes - Eris Quad Sum

At Angela's behest, Sylar goes after Peter, only to be recruited to Pinehearst.

The fantasy football show

Hot for words

Jerry Yang Interview at Web 2.0

If you’re curious about the talk that spurred such negative coverage of Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang yesterday, here it is.

Chess With Friends - iPhone

We’ve just gotten a sneak peek at Chess With Friends, a new iPhone application that is due to appear on the App Store within the next few days (pending Apple’s approval process).

Mary Meeker's View Of the World In 50 Slides

Meeker’s full presentation, which she gave yesterday, is in the video embedded above and her full slide deck is below (thank you, Henry Blodget, for uploading them). The slides are also available here.

Prison Break: Greatness Achieved

Michael’s health worsens while a team member makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to break into Scylla.

Venetian Princess

Keira Knightley's "Edge of Love"

Keira Knightly stars in "The Edge of Love" with Sienna Miller, the story of poet Dylan Thomas. In the film Keira Knightley lusts after Matthew Rhys (Thomas) whos married to Miller. Soldier Cillian Murphy is caught in the crossfire. Knightley and Thomas's love scene is below.

Pluck it on Demand

Add content and social media to any website -- powered by Pluck On Demand

Yes We Can - Obama Song

Terminator Sarah Connot Chronicles - Brothers of Nablus

The Conners get robbed, while Derek and Jesse get reacquainted.

Family Guy: Baby Not On Board

Peter wins a year of unlimited gas and takes the family on a road trip, but someone gets left behind.

Princess Leia hologram reporting for CNN!

At a little past 7:00 p.m. ET, Jessica Yellin was doing a cross-talk with Wolf Blitzer. She was in Chicago and he was in New York. Instead of seeing the typical split-screen, viewers saw a three-dimensional hologram! In my mind, this election officially cannot get any cooler.

It was a scene reminiscent of Carrie Fisher's "Obi-Wan, you're my only hope" hologram from "Star Wars."


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